BATS Hunting Bulletin

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Hunting season kicks off in earnest this weekend with Youth Rifle Season Saturday and Sunday, November 5-6, 2016. There is no hunting M-F next week (November 7-11), and then Rifle Season runs from November 12-27. Following another midweek break, Muzzleloader Season runs from Dec 3-11, 2016.
Mount Anthony is actively hunted, especially south and upslope from SVC. Note that land that is posted ‘NO HUNTING’ may be hunted by the landowners or others given explicit permission by the landowners – POSTED SIGNS DO NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT THERE ARE NO HUNTERS IN THAT AREA!
Please, for your safety and out of respect for the landowners who graciously grant us access to their land, stay out of the woods during hunting season, except for the trails immediately surrounding the college. Thank you!