Get Involved/Volunteer

If you enjoy using BATS trails consider volunteering  (batsvt @  for a trail work day.

We often post volunteer work days to our Facebook page, so check in often!


BATS Board of Directors 2017

If you have interest in coming to a meeting, or having more input and involvement, please let us know. We’d love to have you come to a meeting or help with a project

Brad DeBoer- President

Jared Newell- Secretary and Cartographer/Trail Layout

Donald Campbell- Treasurer

Jon Rowe- BOD Member and Jack-0f -All- Trades

Silvia Cassano- BOD Member, Webmaster, Outreach

Peter Hall- BOD Member and local business owner (Highlander Bicycle)

Donnie Wassick- BOD Member and Jack-0f -All- Trades

Tim Van Orden- BOD Member and Running/hiking/snowshoeing expert and advocate