Trail Condition Update

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Trail Condition Update: Logging is still in progress. Please avoid ALL trails and skids roads on the South side of Southern Vermont College accessible from the maintenance shed until logging is complete. It is a safety concern and we want to respect the logging operations. Plus with a warm spell later in the week, you should be avoiding muddy trails anyhow. Stay updated on trail conditions, on the BATS website and on our Trail Hub until further notice.

Note on trail use in mud/spring thaw conditions: People tend to go around mud if walking, or create big ruts if they try to bike through it. If it looks messy and muddy, please turn around and go a drier route. Using trails when muddy can make for a LOT more work to fix them. For more Trail Use Tips applicable to Mud Season READ THIS.  Thank you for your cooperation on both accounts and please spread the word.


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