Trail Etiquette

It’s all about RESPECT-ing other users, expecting other user types, and being kind to the land and landowners who grant us free access.

R  ide and recreate on Designated and Open trails only

-Know before you go and Check for Trail Conditions, Closures, and updates at: Homepage where TrailHub is located (can Download App)

E nvironmental Impact

Pack Out Dog Poop

-Pack out ALL trash (even tissues)!

-Avoid trails when wet to reduce ruts and widening of trails (hard to fix them after damaged). Trail use is discouraged after a rain event. Wait until they are dry!

Stay on the trail. Don’t make it wider.  If there is a puddle go through it..

Skidding damages trails– ride don’t slide

Absolutely no shortcutting. Stay on designated trails- it causes erosion & damages habitat

S  hare the trail with other users

Image from Duluth Tribune

DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH on SVC Property, & within control/voice command everywhere else (refer to map)

-Yield to uphill traffic when possible.  When in doubt, give the other user the right of way. Smaller groups yield to larger groups.

-Respect wildlife

P ass others with care – slow down, announce passing, pass on the left

E xperienced riders stay on the trail always. Ride and recreate within your ability

C  ontrol your speed, especially on old logging roads

T ake pride in our trails and recreate responsibly to help keep trails open