Trail Rules and Etiquette

The Trails managed by BATS are a free, multi-use community trail system. This trail system would not be possible without cooperation and assistance of many landowners, conservation partners, and local volunteers. Respecting these rules will help us keep access and grow the trail network. Please consider lending a hand or joining BATS to build on the legacy of this trail network.

Check Trail Conditions before you go at or find us on Facebook ‘Bennington Area Trail System- BATS’Report any less than ideal trail conditions to us at batsvt @ or message us on Facebook.

WHERE DO I PARK?  See Parking Information page for most current info



Dogs MUST be on a leash on SVC property
– Dogs MUST be under control/voice command at all times
-Pick up after your dog
-No bikes on the wide, mowed running paths near SVC Athletic Facilities. Bikes must follow Orange Blazed metal stakes parallel to mowed running paths. Thank you for your cooperation.
-Hunting is allowed by private landowners on parts of the BATS Trail System. Pay attention to the Hunting Seasons. Safest routes to use during hunting season are trails closest to the SVC Campus. We will remind you on Facebook or the web.
-Please Respect Private Property


-Walkers, runners, hikers, dogs on leash/voice command, mountain bikes, cross country skiers, snowshoers, birders, and other passive recreation activities.
Note:  Horses are not allowed by the public, but on certain tracts of land you may see equestrian use by that private landowner.  Always yield to horses.


– Littering
– ATVS and motorized use (including drones without permission)
-Tree cutting or collecting plants/etc.
-Dogs MUST BE ON LEASH on SVC property (study the map on the Trails Page – know that SVC property most likely starts at the junction of the Cave Trail and before the SVC Maintenance shed)


It’s all about RESPECT-ing other users, expecting other user types, and being kind to the land and landowners who grant us free access.

Ride and recreate on Designated and Open trails only

Know before you go and Check for Trail Conditions, Closures, and updates at: Homepage  or


Pack Out Dog Poop
-Pack out ALL trash (even tissues)!
-Avoid trails when wet to reduce ruts and widening of trails (hard to fix them after damaged). Trail use is discouraged after a rain event. Wait until they are dry!
Stay on the trail. Don’t make it wider.  If there is a puddle go through it..
Skidding damages trails
Absolutely no shortcutting. Stay on designated trails- it causes erosion & damages habitat


DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH on SVC Property, & within control/voice command everywhere else (refer to map)
-Yield to uphill traffic when possible.  When in doubt, give the other user the right of way. Smaller groups yield to larger groups.
-Respect wildlife

Pass others with care – slow down, announce passing, pass on the left

Experienced riders stay on the trail always. Ride and recreate within your ability

Control your speed, especially on old logging roads

Take pride in our trails and recreate responsibly to help keep trails open